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Global Partnership

Over the years we have built and nurtured our Global Partner Network, a strategic network of more than 20 leading organizations across the globe.  We have strong connections with our partners in Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. The Global Partner Network provides True Agility Consulting Group abundant resources to assist and support our clients from all kinds of industries. We have highlighted some of our key partners below (in alphabetical orders) : Africa Agility - Nigeria Agile Community Taiwan - Taiwan Agile School Inc - United States Boston University Agile Innovation Lab - United States Deep River Training - United States JCR Investment Corp. - Taiwan LeadAgileX - Taiwan LeadBest Consulting Group - Taiwan L-EAF - United States Lean Agile Institute - United States Peace Through Prosperity - United Kingdom / Middle East Taiwan Science and Technology Industry Exchange Association - Taiwan Titansoft Pte Ltd - Singapore / Taiwan VMEdu Inc - India Women in

Training Services

We provide three types of training services to fulfill the needs of different audiences. A. Corporate Training: Customized training sessions and workshops to turn executives and team members into lean-agile leaders. A-1. Zero to One (0-1):  We know nothing or very little about lean-agile management and we are going to learn from a complete series of training courses which will introduce the concepts of lean-agile while having chances to experience SCRUM, the world famous and most adopted agile framework, through multiple hands-on workshops. Target: Executives and Team Members who are NEW to the lean-agile ways of working. A-2. Play with the Real Deals: We are now familiar (kind of, maybe?) with the basics (concepts, mindsets, frameworks, tools), and we have initiated at least one pilot team adopting lean-agile ways of working. Culture within a group of people would take a long time to build. When things get real, more questions and uncertainties will appear, which is good because it