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Training Services

We provide three types of training services to fulfill the needs of different audiences.

A. Corporate Training:

Customized training sessions and workshops to turn executives and team members into lean-agile leaders.

A-1. Zero to One (0-1): 

We know nothing or very little about lean-agile management and we are going to learn from a complete series of training courses which will introduce the concepts of lean-agile while having chances to experience SCRUM, the world famous and most adopted agile framework, through multiple hands-on workshops.

Target: Executives and Team Members who are NEW to the lean-agile ways of working.

A-2. Play with the Real Deals:

We are now familiar (kind of, maybe?) with the basics (concepts, mindsets, frameworks, tools), and we have initiated at least one pilot team adopting lean-agile ways of working. Culture within a group of people would take a long time to build. When things get real, more questions and uncertainties will appear, which is good because it's part of the learning. We are going to bring those real world scenarios into classroom to discuss with the trainer and other trainees. This is a great approach to expand the learning experience. 

Target: Executives and Team Members who are now lean-agile Practitioners.

A-3. Alignment and Realignment:

We have been adopting lean-agile mindset, frameworks, and tools for a while now. We figured we were aligned but not any more. We will be refreshing our memories by attending training sessions and experiencing hands-on workshops, this way we have chance to mapping the knowledge and concepts with our real world practice again. We know that in the meantime we could also ask for external team or enterprise level coaches to help.

Target: Executives and Team Members who have been practicing the lean-agile ways of working for years.

B. Public Speaking:

We have a group of subject-matter experts who are experienced in speaking at annual conferences, summits, forums, meetings, podcasts, and webinars. Popular topics include "High-performing Teams", "Agility", "Working Remotely", "Culture with Psychological Safety", and etc. The latest event was keynote speaking at the 2021 annual conference of International Coaching Federation Taiwan Chapter (ICFT). 

Target: Organizations who are looking for some a-ha moments.

C. Certification Training:

We are the global authorized training partner (A.T.P.) of VMEdu® and all the brands licensed under VMEdu Inc., which include SCRUMstudy and 6sigmastudy. Our certified trainers are authorized to deliver licensed training courses powered by leading international certification bodies, including Scrum Inc., Scrum Alliance, Scaled Agile Inc., Lean Agile Institute, Agile Coach Toolbox, ICAgile, Project Management Institute, CertiProf, and more.

We conduct certification training sessions in four formats: Online, Classroom, Hybrid, and Self Path. We believed there should not be only one or two ways for adults to learn, so we opened up all the possibilities for your flexibility. No more impediments blocking your way toward learning and success. 

Target: Everyone who are interested in learning about the lean-agile ways of working.